Our Mission

To assist men and women to break free from adulterous affairs and unhealthy relationships. To empower men and women to regain self-esteem and capture spiritual renewal.

Welcome To Freedom

I help people regain their dignity, honor, and self-love so that they can find the strength to get out of an adulterous affair. My counseling is Christ-centered and therefore I help people to not just rely on their own strength, but turn to Jesus for help to get out of the affair and stay out.

I will help you to see the various forms of bondage that result from an adulterous affair. I will show you how to break free from:

  • love addiction
  • familiarity
  • codependency
  • hurts
  • anxiety
  • hang-ups
  • depression
  • habits
  • lust
  • unhealthy patterns

Similar to the way Jesus confronted the Woman at the Well, Jesus met me where I was in my sin and told me to walk away from my affair. I started Living Waters Ministry because when I looked for help to get out of the affair I could not find any. There were no professional counselors, psychologists, or psychiatrists who specialized in helping people break free from adultery. I formed group therapy sessions for women who have been going through what I had experienced.

Has An Affair Left You Broken?

I offer group and individual counseling services using biblical teaching and a 12-step program to help people break free of adultery and unhealthy relationships. I also use art therapy and spiritual music to redirect negative emotions and thoughts into positive. To find out more, go to the "Services" page or click below.

Retreat Center - Coming Soon!

Donations Welcome

Donations are needed to upkeep operations, management, overhead, materials, and supplies at Living Waters Ministry.  If you are interested in making a donation, please use the donate button below.  If you would like to participate in future retreats or become a part of the ministry, contact me at sandy@livingwatersmistry.org or call (631) 538-0097

At the retreat center, women will not be judged. It will be a safe place where women can come and find rest, peace, and healing from a broken heart and share their story with other women who are also suffering due to their affair and unhealthy relationships.  The retreat center is a place where women can be free to express their pain without shame or fear and receive love, compassion, and understanding. The programs are designed to help women break free of adultery and unhealthy relationships as well as attachment issues, shame, guilt, denial, depression, trauma, grief, unforgiveness, restlessness, hopelessness, and low self-esteem.